Study Survival

Emma Simpson March 26, 2018

It's already the middle of the semester! I am sure the weeks are flying by now that you are used to your classes, tutorials, labs and other academic obligations. While you are probably comparing and contrasting the academic approaches embraced at your… More


Dr. Hamish Thompson March 19, 2018

The political left and the Union movement of current democracies has part of its origin in Scotland and with Scots. One of the first national strikes took place in Scotland in 1820 involving 60,000 workers. This was largely motivated by artisans and the… More

Just Keep Swimming

Dr. Hamish Thompson March 9, 2018

“How different things are in the sea, in which every inch of my skin tingles and thrills, where I am tossed and buffeted, taken to new places – out of the comfort zone, as the pedagogical jargon has it, into the learning zone, touching on the margins… More

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