Galway Summer Festivals & More!

Gráinne Hand July 17, 2019

Galway is Ireland’s second-most visited county after Dublin and is popular among international and local visitors alike. It is situated in the West of Ireland just about a three hour drive from Dublin and there are ample train and bus options to get there… More

Two Pints, an Unapologetically Irish Show

Gráinne Hand July 12, 2019

This blog was written by Fiona Kavanagh. This week the Summer Session 2 students settled into Dublin and saw the show ‘Two Pints’ at the Abbey Theater. Two Pints isn’t exactly traditional theater as it consists of very few characters: two chatty men in… More

Gaelic Games in Ireland

Gráinne Hand June 19, 2019

As our students learn each semester on the Experience Gaelic Games trip during orientation, hurling is a Gaelic game which has been played in Ireland for thousands of years. The sport embodies the ancient tribal nature of the Irish people, as players… More

Summer Events in Dublin

Gráinne Hand June 13, 2019

Free summer events are a great way to engage with the local community and explore new areas on a budget. Loads of these will take place all across Ireland during the warmer months, and our students are encouraged to attend. Science On Thursday 20th… More

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