St. Patrick's Day

Alice Higgins March 15, 2017

Ah, St. Patrick’s Day. The day where tourists flock to Dublin and most Irish people get the flock out of Dublin! It reigns as the most Irish day in modern history and with gawdy green geansaís (sweaters, in Gaelic!) galore and craic (fun) and merriment… More

March Madness!

Alice Higgins March 8, 2017

Well there’s no denying it, March in Ireland is a time for a bit of madness. The coldest months of January and February are over and spring is very much in the air. Today we even managed to get a glimpse of the sun! Even though March has had a pretty… More

Fun in February

Alice Higgins March 3, 2017

February was a month that was teeming with trips and excursions for all the Arcadia Ireland students.  Between subsidized trips organised by the Dublin centre and exploring the most beautiful cities Europe has to offer, we’ve had quite the month.  We… More

Belfast and Antrim Coast Weekend.

Alice Higgins February 27, 2017

Wow- what a weekend! Last weekend myself and Jodi from the Arcadia Dublin centre headed off to Belfast with 50+ students to explore what the city and surrounding areas had to offer. With a rich and painful history, and beautiful buildings and scenery… More

You Know You're in Ireland When...

Alice Higgins February 17, 2017

The last couple of blogs I’ve written have let you know what we are up to and how things are going here in Ireland. If you’re reading the blogs though and whether Ireland is somewhere you’ve been to a hundred times, somewhere you’re studying in for a… More

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