Talk of the Town! - Asylum & Exile

Natalie Crown Assistant Academic Officer


October 27, 2014

Our first Talk of the Town! meeting was a huge success. There was a great turnout and a lot of interesting and dynamic topics were put forward for discussion. So, it is not surprising that everybody is very excited for the second event.


Bidisha, international human rights journalist, critic, and BBC broadcaster will be speaking about her forthcoming book, Asylum and Exile: The Hidden Voices of London. This work offers moving stories of refugees who have fled war, persecution, or civil unrest in countries as diverse as Cameroon, Iran, Syria, Somalia, Malawi, Burundi, the Congo, and Sierra Leone. Many used to be mathematicians, composers, criminologists, accountants, and teachers, but in England, without money and papers authorising them to work, they must work illegally at unstable, unseen, underpaid, and grueling jobs. Despite this, their unerring humour, vivacity, talent, and will to survive testify to the blazing resilience of the human spirit.

Please remember that spaces are limited. Information about the event will appear on facebook, and posters will pop up in the centre and around housing. Joining the group on facebook does NOT mean you have signed up. You MUST email Dr. Laurence Scott to confirm your place.