Summer 18 Photo and Video Competition Winners!

Lucy Bent August 1, 2018

After sifting through some truly amazing entries, we've chosen the winners of the Arcadia London Summer 2018 photo competition! The photos give a great insight into students' adventures during their study abroad, so take a look. Congratulations to the… More

Explore the UK & Beyond! Fall 18 Events

Kati Cooper July 25, 2018

This Fall we are travelling to all corners of the United Kingdom, from the Welsh coast to Hadrian’s Wall near the border of Scotland. Get a feel for England’s rich Roman history with a trip to the Roman Baths, or see the real thing on our trip to Rome… More

Get me to the airport on time!

Lucy Bent July 24, 2018

OK, so I know all the details for my flight - but wait, how do I get to the airport?! Here’s the guide you need! Overview of your options: Pre-booked taxi / Uber / Addison Lee - convenient & inexpensive when shared (£40-£60) £££ Our recommended… More

Revitalization or Gentrification?

Feature & Travel Writing June 28, 2018

By Emily Nagel, Samantha Wilson, and WeiDi Xu In the middle of a still-developing concrete jungle, one woman creates her own paradise. Like many other major cities in the world, everything in the historic city of London is becoming newer, bigger, and… More

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