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London, England

Arcadia London Unveils Ambitious Building Project

Polly Penter April 1, 2019

Ahead of Britain’s likely exit from the European Union in April (or May, or June, or possibly next year, or within the next decade), Arcadia University has put in a bid to buy the Houses of Parliament to turn it into a state-of-the-art student facility… More

Time to Talk Day

Polly Penter February 7, 2019

Time to Talk Day is an annual event that started in 2007 to encourage people to talk openly and honestly about mental health.  Just like physical health, we all have mental health, and just like with physical health there will be times when our mental… More

Wait...Is This Culture Shock?

Polly Penter January 28, 2019

A lot of American students think they won’t suffer from Culture Shock. I mean, the UK and the US are really similar, right? But the truth is that we all suffer from culture shock on occasions, and not just when we move country! Culture shock is defined… More