Pandemic Measures Field Report: England

Arcadia Abroad September 15, 2020

What is life in England like right now?  Many aspects of daily life have re-emerged. The country benefited from a high level of compliance with government imposed restrictions. Universities and schools have reopened for the new academic year but with… More

Scones: The Great British Controversy

Polly Penter July 1, 2020

Traditionally consumed with a nice cup of tea in sedate surroundings, the scone - a little like an American biscuit - is as quintessential a part of British culture as the queen, fish and chips and an incomprehensible fascination with the weather. It… More

Update to Spring 2020 Arcadia Programs

Andrew George March 17, 2020

The Spring 2020 Arcadia programs in England have been suspended due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Students should look for emails from Arcadia for specific information and general updates can be found on Arcadia's Coronavirus updates blog and FAQs.  More

Time to put pen to paper: Study Support at Arcadia

Lucy Bent February 5, 2020

Congratulations on surviving the first few weeks of your spring semester! You've navigated finding classes in a foreign country and studying with new peers and professors. Now that classes are settling into a rhythm and assignments are starting to appear… More

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