Summer 2022 England events and activities!

Paris Hyman Student Services Coordinator


April 14, 2022

We are so excited to welcome you to the UK this summer semester! We’re dedicated to ensuring that you have an unforgettable time during your stay with us. We’ve worked hard to arrange the perfect balance between tourist attractions and hidden gems.


Read on below for what we have in store. Event registration opens Thursday, 5th May at 12 noon (EST) in your Arcadia Portal. 


Don’t forget, if an event is full you can add yourself to the waitlist to be notified automatically if more space becomes available.


Hampton Court Palace 

Hampton Court is one of the most lavish and historic Palaces in London. The previous home of monarchs like King Henry VIII, Elizabeth I, and George I, it was a building that rivaled the French Palace of Versailles at its peak. Discover the history of the Great Hall, Haunted Gallery, and the expansive gardens. You’ll have the chance to explore the world’s oldest puzzle maze, watch the deer herd from afar, and even get a chance to admire a 500 year old gown that belonged to Elizabeth I. 

Price includes: Travel, entry to Hampton Court Palace 


Stonehenge and Salisbury

Ever wonder about the mystery of the world renowned stones? It’s time to debunk those alien conspiracy theories and get a real glance into England’s ancient civilizations and ritualistic practices surrounding life, death and labour. 

As we travel out of Stonehenge to Sailsbury, we find ourselves turning our attention from former paganistic practices to christianity. As you wander around the grounds of Sailsbury cathedral, you are guaranteed to be awestruck by the ornate structures and stained glass windows. From the grooves of the pillars to the glistening candelabra, one can't help but be put in a reverent state of reflection for Catholicism's rich history. The cathedral holds the tallest spire in Britain at 404 feet and houses original copies of the Magna Carta from 1215. 

Price includes: travel, entry to Stonehenge, entry to Sailsbury cathedral 



Enjoy this visit to the first English seaside resort including a self-guided audio tour of the Royal Pavilion, a sprawling, arabesque palace that was a favourite of King George IV. This unique city by the sea offers fantastic shopping and sightseeing. It is also famous for being the hub of a vibrant LGBT community.

Price includes: travel and tour of the Royal Pavilion


Hidden London 

Hidden London is a series of free events to showcase some of London’s best kept secrets and underrated destinations. 


Sky Garden and Borough Market  

See a panoramic view of London, from the highest public garden. Sky Garden, colloquially known as the ‘walkie-talkie’ skyscraper, sits in the heart of London, by the River Thames. Spy the London Eye, Tower Bridge and St.Paul’s Cathedral, just to name a few noteworthy landmarks. 


Thereafter, take a leisurely walk to Borough market and discover a range of delicacies, from every vendors highly sought after hotspot.  


Cat Cafe 

Are you a lover of all things cute and furry? Join us at the cat cafe! As the name suggests, experience the cafe delectables whilst being surrounded by a myriad of cats and kittens. Escape the bustle of city life, as you cuddle and play with these furry friends, in this cat sanctuary. 


Queer Britian Museum

What better way to commemorate Pride month in the UK than attend Britain's first ever LGBTQ+ museum. The opening of this museum has been much anticipated after four years of extensive planning. This inclusive space welcomes everyone regardless of sexuality and gender identity.


Black Cultural Archives 

We all know the great impact of the civil rights movement, but what of Black British history? In honor of Windrush day, we will be celebrating the contributions of the carribeans who immigrated from the Commonwealth, to aid the labour shortage after WWII. The Black Cultural  Archives boast a plethora of artifacts, exhibitions and events which: “preserve and celebrate the histories of people of African and Caribbean descent in the UK and to inspire and give strength to individuals, communities and society”. 


Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre

The stage is set for a tumultuous new production of The Tempest, Shakespeare’s tale of reckoning and redemption, this summer.The Globe Theater is dedicated to bringing to life the famous plays of Shakespeare, the globally renowned tudor playwright and poet. This theater house is located on picturesque Southbank of the river Thames.


Brick Lane and Spitalfields Market 

You may have heard of Camden market, but have you heard of Brick Lane? This famous street is the pinnacle of shoreditch. From the cobbled paths, to the murals, to the street entertainers, your senses will be overwhelmed with this vibrant pocket of London. Sample ethnic foods and forage the vintage market for some rare finds. This cultural hub will win the hearts of every wallflower. 


Cycle around London

It’s time to commute like a londoner. Join us as we cycle round the picturesque locations of London. Weave in and out of the city’s arcadic parks and spy a panoramic view of the cityscape.


Events are only open to Arcadia program participants. Please note that dates and times, are subject to change.