Dr. Scott Wins Prestigious Award

Dr. Peter Leuner Regional Director


December 2, 2014

On behalf of Arcadia University, The College of Global Studies, I would like to congratulate Dr. Laurence Scott on the public honor conferred upon him as winner of the prestigious Royal Society of Literature Jerwood Award for 2014. Laurence was awarded First Prize for his forthcoming non-fiction book, The Four Dimensional Human.

The Jerwood Foundation issued a press release in which the highly experienced judges stated: 'Laurence Scott's meditation on the way digital media have changed not only our lives but our consciousness is full of fresh ideas and written with great panache. Drawing on a wide range of references -- from Henry James to Eminem, from 19th-century futurist fiction to the fable of Beauty and the Beast -- Scott illuminates our bewildering new world.'

When asked what winning this award means to him, Laurence replied: 'winning the Royal Society of Literature Jerwood Award for Non-Fiction has two wonderful implications for the completion of this book. The prize's financial support will sponsor those vital days of uninterrupted writing, but equally important is the validation from the judges, all of whom are acclaimed writers. Their belief in the project is hugely encouraging, and offers a sense of professional companionship during the solitary hours of putting sentences together.'

Dr. Scott is a longstanding member of Arcadia London's core faculty; we benefit enormously from the interweaving of his interests and projects as a writer, his excellent teaching and his contributions (along with two other core faculty) to keeping our curriculum current and engaging. We are proud to be launching Dr. Scott's new course - The Human Condition in the Digital Age - in the New Year.

Dr Peter Leuner
London Center Director
Regional Director UK & Ireland