Art at Talk of the Town

Stella Katsardi London Center Coordinator


September 22, 2022

Talk of the Town” is back and our first event is all about art! Nick Gentry is a British artist known for the unique characteristics of his work. As part of a generation that grew up with floppy disks, VHS tapes, polaroids, and cassettes, he is inspired by the impact of internet culture. Drawing on recycled technological relics as the grounds for his portraits, Gentry creates a conversation between digital and analogue processes. Obsolete data formats are combined to form new identities, with a unique blend of personal information locked within.

The items that are used are sourced directly from the public in a uniquely collaborative ‘social art’ project. This open method that he uses allows shared histories to form reflections of a brave new world. The bold conceptual roots of this work explore collective identity, consumer waste, pop culture, and found art. In his art, Gentry questions the fundamental relationship of the human being to both our created world and what we call reality.

Gentry has exhibited in galleries, museums, and public settings in the UK, USA, and Europe. Notable works publicly displayed in Trafalgar Square, at the Barbican Center, and at St Pancras Station were brought about through collaborations with charities including WWF, Tusk, and Cancer Research. You can learn more about Nick and see his work at his site

Join Nick on the 27th of September from 18.30 to 20.00 to enjoy a free pint while talking about art at Arcadia’s Talk of the Town! As one of our goals is for you to have as many British experiences as possible, the event will take place at a well-known Victorian pub not very far from the Center which is The Lamb pub, 94 Lamb's Conduit St, London WC1N 3LZ

To attend, please follow the link and fill out the form you will find attached to the email that is sent to you!