Welcome to London!

Andrew George May 24, 2016

A welcome from your Regional Director This, my first blog entry since (re)joining Arcadia as Resident Director in the London Center at the start of March after a brief hiatus, is a simple hello and warm welcome to all the students joining us for our… More

Giving thanks away from Home

Dr. Peter Leuner November 24, 2015

I'm sure your thoughts are beginning to turn towards Thanksgiving – for so many of you this may be the first Thanksgiving you've spent away from family and home…. and in a country where Thanksgiving (unlike other imported US traditions like Halloween… More

Bonfires, Fireworks and Poppies!

Dr. Peter Leuner October 28, 2015

Bonfires, Fireworks and Poppies... Now that the clocks have gone back, we’ll all be feeling indisputably wintry. Early November brings two very British (English?) events into focus: you might already have detected signs of one of them – people on the… More

Welcome for Fall 2015

Dr. Peter Leuner August 25, 2015

Dear fall student – you’ll soon be setting off on your journey to London (and destinations beyond if you’re studying elsewhere in the UK). But London will be your first destination and you’ll have the opportunity during orientation to experience two very… More

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