How to Get More Out of Study Abroad

Sara Sayeg February 9, 2018

You might have heard the acronym, CLC, used during orientation and by your lecturers, but what is it exactly and what is the incentive for completing one? We'll let Dr Chris McMillan, who oversees the CLC (Co-Curricular Learning Certificate), explain… More

Spend a Weekend in a British Home

Sara Sayeg January 11, 2018

It's a weekend being housed by incredibly nice people who want to show off a new part of the world to you. It is like having a built-in tour guide. It helped curb my homesickness and was a great break from the routine I have established for myself." -… More

Living with the Locals - HOST UK

Sara Sayeg January 10, 2017

[Host UK] lets you have a small glimpse into what it's actually like living in the UK. My hosts brought me to places I wouldn't have thought about going to on my own. I'm extremely happy I was able to stay with a host family; it was an amazing experience… More

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