Getting Immersed in the Spanish Culture

Sergio Pajares Granada, Spain


October 22, 2019

Spain is different… and our students too! That’s why the different activities organized by Arcadia Granada are focused on a wide range of topics and experiences.

During the orientation sessions, our Fall 2019 students tasted our traditional dishes (Spanish omelette, salmorejo, fried eggplants, etc.) and sweets (most made with cabello de ángel −pumpkin strands in syrup− or marzipan) and enjoyed the beautiful cities of Granada, Madrid, and Toledo.

Where is the post office? And the police station? Can we get lost in the Granada airport? (don’t worry, the airport has two gates only… ¬¬). Since these questions are the first ones to be asked by students, they were invited to participate in our scavenger hunt. Congratulations to the winners and thank you all for participating!

For us, there is no city like Granada. Why? Well, we have the Alhambra palace and the Generalife gardens, which our students visited yesterday and whose architecture is unique. However, this city has other things to offer apart from monuments and free food.

Our history is part of us and our students could taste that past in one of the oldest tea rooms in the Albaicín. Have you ever tasted a pionono? If not, ask our students and come and visit us!

In Arcadia, we want our students to feel like home. We know some of them miss the beach, the countryside… For this reason, our trips and excursions are planned to ensure that they can also be out of the city and relax in many places such as La Herradura (where we tasted tropical fruits), Nerja (where the caves make you feel like ants), Burriana Beach (where we tasted the most delicious paella), and Los Cahorros (where some of our students enjoyed the Sierra Nevada mountains hiking trails).

We hope they are ready for more activities to come; Morocco, Barcelona and more guided tours are coming…