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Cooking experience!

Student Voices July 26, 2017

Before their departures from Barcelona, our students have had the chance to learn how to cook some delicious dishes!  Yesterday we participated in a great cooking workshop where our students proved to be excellent cooks. In fact, what they cooked was… More

Student Interview: Jordan Katz

Student Voices May 4, 2017

PROGRAM: Arcadia Granada, Environmental Studies and Spanish HOME SCHOOL: Macalester College Last September, I received an email from former Arcadia Granada student Jordan Katz. The message had no text, but only a picture in which I could barely see Jordan… More

My Whirlwind Weekend in Morocco

Student Voices February 23, 2016

written by Kelsey Maddock, a rodger williams university student who studied on arcadia in barcelona in spring 2016. When I decided to go on a guided tour of Morocco I didn’t really know what to expect. I’d done little to no research on the African country… More

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