Parc del Laberint

Agustina Balacco October 20, 2017

The “Parc del Laberint d´Horta” is a historical garden and the oldest of its kind, with an important labyrinth, which gives its name. It started in the 18th century following clearly neoclassical lines, filling the garden with Greek and Roman myths such… More

Some Context for Barcelona

Dr. Jaume Gelabert October 9, 2017

As is a well known fact, Catalonia celebrated an unofficial referendum last Sunday, October 1st. Although the intention of voters was to be able to peacefully exercise their right- even while knowing that the results would not be admitted by the Spanish… More

Granada Fall 2017 Activities and Events

Marta Cabrera July 27, 2017

Granada and Spain are full of co-curricular opportunities, and Arcadia wants to offer you all the best! We have some excellent activities planned for the fall. Take a look at what’s on offer! Events are only open to Arcadia program participants. Please… More

Cooking experience!

Agustina Balacco July 26, 2017

Before their departures from Barcelona, our students have had the chance to learn how to cook some delicious dishes!  Yesterday we participated in a great cooking workshop where our students proved to be excellent cooks. In fact, what they cooked was… More

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