Cultural visit to Casa dels Entremesos

Sílvia Serra January 17, 2018

 The wealth of traditional Catalan folk culture is so extensive that the Coordinadora de Colles de Gegants i Bestiari de Ciutat Vella has created a specific centre of production and dissemination. This is the Casa dels Entremesos, a venture that provides… More

Trip to Morocco: A cultural experience

Sílvia Serra December 5, 2017

Through our arrangement with I Like You Tours, our students have the opportunity to visit, explore, discover and engage with locals getting a much more enriching experience. Here is the reflection of Kailey Allen, an Arcadia Student on the Arcadia in… More

Embedded Excursion to Museum of Exile and Colliure

Sílvia Serra November 29, 2017

A field study for the course 20th Century Spain, An Uneasy History took place last Friday. Our day trip to the Spanish-French border, the Museum of Exile and the small seaside village Colliure, was planned as a way to show students the hardship and pains… More

The Experience of a Lifetime

Marta Cabrera November 22, 2017

Are you trying to decide where to study abroad this summer? Granada is the place for you! As a true Granadinian, I could give you lots of reasons to choose this unique city, but I’d rather let Stacie, a former Arcadia Granada student, speak to you… More


Marta Cabrera November 15, 2017

Are you ready for an exciting semester abroad? Granada and Spain are full of co-curricular opportunities, and Arcadia wants to offer you all the best! We have some excellent co-curricular activities planned for the spring. Take a look at what’s on offer… More

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