Fee type amount notes
Books $165 The average cost of books and supplies for a typical student for the semester.
Meals $1,380 This estimate is based on the cost of meals prepared by the student in the residence facilities provided.
Personal $625 Miscellaneous expenses (clothing, laundry, etc.) associated with daily living in South Africa.
Student Visa $135 The visa cost information provided does not include travel expenses to and from your home jurisdiction Consulate as required for visa processing.
Local Travel $625 Estimated travel costs from the student residence to the instruction site throughout the program.
Program Travel $850 The program fee does not include the cost of traveling to and from the program location. The estimated cost of airfare is based on leaving from and returning to the New York area. Students connecting from other locations will need to budget for additional travel costs.
Total Estimate of Additional Expenses $3,780 These estimates are provided to assist students in budget planning for their experience abroad. Actual amounts will vary depending on individual spending habits.