Summer study abroad programs

Summer is the perfect time to study abroad. With shorter and more flexible program options, you'll earn essential academic credit, explore new places and cultures, and enjoy diverse and life-changing experiences -- all while staying on track for graduation. 

Summer study abroad is an affordable and exciting way to add an international component to your education. Even though you're studying for less time than a conventional semester or academic year program, essential experiences commence from the moment you depart.

Plus, you won't miss out any semester term activities at your home school, whether you're committed to a particular schedule as a student athlete, need to take a certain class on campus, or are part of initiatives on your home campus that take place during the semester. 

Arcadia offers a range of programming, from STEM summer research at world-renowned research institutions; to internships both in the U.S. and abroad; to intensive coursework in areas from Museum Curation, to Creative Writing, to Irish Politics, to Indigenous Studies in Australia, to Intensive Language Study in Spain and Italy, to Architecture in Florence, to courses that utilize London's many neighborhoods as your classroom. There is truly something for everyone!

We're excited to welcome you to Arcadia Abroad in the summer. 

Check out the wide variety of summer programs available to you with Arcadia stretching from Ireland to Australia and lots in between.

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