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Arcadia Internship Programs maximize your career-building potential by embedding work placements in coursework. Arcadia has been facilitating for-credit internships for generations of students, and our renowned and unique approach ensures that you'll receive a personalized placement and expert support to get the most out of the experience, both in the U.S. and abroad.  

Our interns boost their resumes and get hands-on experience in the global workforce, all while earning credit and staying on track for graduation. Our staff will work with you beginning with your application and throughout your program to set and achieve goals aligned with your career objectives.

  • Curious about pursuing internships abroad, the benefits these experiences provide for future employment, or the acquisition of personal growth? Joe Dwyer, Assistant Director of our London Internship Program, reveals his perspective in an interview for
  • You can choose Arcadia-taught internship programs, where your experience is combined with courses taught by Arcadia faculty;
  • Or, you can add-on an internship experience to your course of study with an Arcadia partner institution such as University of Sydney, University of Technology Sydney, Macquarie University, University of Westminster, or Edinburgh Napier University.
  • If you're seeking an experience right here in the USA, Arcadia's Intern Philly program connects you to personalized placements in the exciting and historic city of Philadelphia. 
  • Virtual Global Internships are also available, where placements are undertaken online, as a stand-alone program opportunity, or a component of your regular semester study. 

I had never dreamed I would be allowed a role like this so early in my placement, but my supervisors were extremely supportive and their trust in me helped in overcoming my nerves. ”

London Internship Program Student

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