Internships with Arcadia

The word “internship” gets tossed around a lot. It’s basically a work experience that applies to your major, right?

At Arcadia Abroad, it is so much more.

We have decades of experience in devising the perfect balance of work placement, co-curricular programming, practical expertise, and academic reflection, so that your internship: is a personalized experience, designed specifically for you; allows you to grow, personally and professionally; is not just a resume-builder, but a game-changer; includes experiential components that are both practical (such as a resume-building workshop); enlightening (such as a speaker series); and fun (such as a in-person and virtual tours and programming); with a very high student satisfaction rate, that pays off throughout your future.

We work with you individually from the moment you apply, by narrowing down your options (in-person? Virtual? What city and country? What professional field?).

An interview takes place, just as it would in the real world; and your placement can be a combination of synchronous and asynchronous, remote and on-site. Throughout your experience, you won’t just be working; you’ll be thinking and writing. A special Cornerstone Course, with an academic project that applies to your internship will culminate in a professional presentation you’ll give at the end of the program.

You can take Internships as a program option alongside other Arcadia Abroad courses; or undertake a stand-alone Virtual Global Internship alongside your home school course load! The possibilities are as individual as you are.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity!