International Network for Study Abroad

In recognition of the diversity of curricular needs of today's students when studying abroad, The College of Global Studies has continued to expand its centers and center-based programming around the world. As of 2016, The College operates physical centers in 9 sites: Athens, Barcelona, Cape Town, Dublin, Edinburgh, Granada, London and Rome. In addition, we have virtual centers that operate without bricks and mortar, but fulfill the local curricular and pedagogical needs in Australia, New Zealand and Cuba.

The Arcadia centers provide teaching and learning spaces with classrooms, resource libraries and administrative offices. They also act as a hub for student activity and community engagement facilitating and encouraging rich interactions that extend beyond the formal learning environment.

Curricular and Co-Curricular Programming

Through our centers, The College is able to offer innovative and creative programming, in some locations complementing the curricular strengths present at partner institutions (such as in London, Edinburgh and Rome Centers), and in other instances providing a full curriculum in a locale that might otherwise prove challenging for students to access (Athens). Our centers provide opportunities to develop specialized curricula such as first year programming (London), STEM laboratory and research opportunities (London, Edinburgh, Rome, and Granada), and ethnographic and field research (Athens, Rome and London). Our centers emphasize experiential programs and the critical connection between coursework and the out-of-classroom experience.  In most of our centers we are able to offer internship programs.  

They also serve as a hub for co-curricular and community events. Our Athens Center is frequently utilized by local charity groups for fundraisers and community events, while in Edinburgh our center hosts a faculty lecture series attended by academics from greater Edinburgh.

Ethical and Sustainable Presence

Critical to the Arcadia ethos manifested in all of our global centers is the effort to maintain a sustainable and responsible community presence.

Our faculty, staff and students are strongly encouraged to patronize the local retailers and markets surrounding the center, supporting independent businesses where possible. Where possible curricular and co-curricular programming is weighted towards the local community, enabling students to further engage with local citizens.

The emphasis on integrity, full compliance with local law, and appropriate legal structures is not apparent or obvious to the external audience and sometimes incurs costs not incurred by competing programs. Nevertheless, The College believes it is critical to long-term sustainability and is good risk management practice.