A summer of intellectual expansion in the ‘city of dreaming spires’

Oxford has it all - it’s a quaint and legendary university town steeped in centuries of academic tradition, with gorgeous architecture, first-class resources and research facilities, and a thriving and bustling community vibe. This summer, create a memorable learning experience at the renowned Lady Margaret Hall at the University of Oxford. Choose from an array of stimulating courses taught by distinguished academics, delivered through the world-famous Oxford teaching style. The University of Oxford consists of 44 constituent colleges, all of which maintain their own unique history, traditions, and styles. 

Lady Margaret Hall (LMH) is a trailblazer in University of Oxford history, founded in 1878 as the first women's college in Oxford. It continues to be a welcoming and pioneering college for both women and men. Located on the river Cherwell, the college sits just north of central Oxford. The city center is just a 20-minute walk or 6-minute cycle through the University Parks.  The college, during term time, is home to just over 600 students; over the summer the program serves approximately 100 students from all over the world for three, three-week summer sessions. 

  • Studies are available in a variety of disciplines, including Artificial Intelligence; Philosophy, Politics and Economics; Literature and Creative Writing; and Psychology.

  • Supporting your studies are Skills Sessions, to assist you with practical aspects of study and future goals,

  • Included in the program is an exciting lecture series  on cutting-edge developments in various areas under study, led by experts.

Fees & Scholarship Details
Term/Period Departure Date Return Credits Base Program Fee Application Deadline
Summer 1 2023 6/21/2023 7/15/2023 4 $7,125 3/31/2023 More Info
Summer 1 and 2 2023 6/21/2023 8/5/2023 8 $13,555 3/31/2023 More Info
Summer 1 2 and 3 2023 6/21/2023 8/26/2023 12 $18,875 3/31/2023 More Info
Summer 2 2023 7/12/2023 8/5/2023 4 $7,125 3/31/2023 More Info
Summer 2 and 3 2023 7/12/2023 8/26/2023 8 $13,555 3/31/2023 More Info
Summer 3 2023 8/2/2023 8/26/2023 4 $7,125 3/31/2023 More Info
Summer 3 2024 TBA TBA TBA TBA 3/15/2024  
Summer 2 2024 TBA TBA TBA TBA 3/15/2024  
Summer 2 and 3 2024 TBA TBA TBA TBA 3/15/2024  
Summer 1 and 2 2024 TBA TBA TBA TBA 3/15/2024  
Summer 1 2024 TBA TBA TBA TBA 3/15/2024  
Summer 1 2 and 3 2024 TBA TBA TBA TBA 3/15/2024  

Program fees listed are base fees only. Please select MORE INFO for an estimate of additional expenses and any additional fees that may be incurred based on enrollment selections or housing placements. Dates and fees for future terms will be posted as they become available. Please see Program Calendar for detailed dates.

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