What do you picture when you think of England? While you’ll still find the magical castles, ancient university towns, historic cathedrals, beautiful, green rolling countryside with village pubs and fun-loving seaside resorts, you’ll also find much more to challenge stereotypes. Explore the dynamic multiculturalism of the fast-paced capital city, London, and the exciting, diverse and creative urban areas throughout the country that bring sports, arts, science and heritage to life.

Drawing on its 2,000 year-old history, you’ll experience how England is reinventing itself for success in a globalized world – through a world-renowned higher education system and a torrent of creativity in finance, art, drama, music, technology, cultural and sporting innovations.

Arcadia programs challenge everything you think you know about life abroad and in England our staff and faculty leave no stone unturned in their efforts to wrap you in the cultural, academic and community life of this historic, yet cosmopolitan country. The Arcadia London Center supports all our students in England and Wales - from ensuring the best opportunities for excursions, events and activities, to health and safety assistance, academic guidance and good old fashioned local words of wisdom.

It’s incredible to be somewhere where so many significant things have happened with Science, Literature, Art, etc. I loved being able to discover so many things in London ”

Yvette Alexandrou

Arcadia University Student, Arcadia in London

  • Time spent studying, living and traveling in England with (virtually!) no language barriers will open you up to many rich encounters – you’ll soon be chatting about the Royal Family, the British sense of humor and the weather over a ‘cuppa’ tea!

  • Whether you are looking for the fast-paced life of London, one of the world’s most cosmopolitan cities; a smaller city with easy access to the famous English countryside such as York; a funky charismatic city such as Manchester, or indeed a university with the particular academic strength such as Cambridge, England offers a variety of locations, institutions and experiences for study abroad.

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