One hundred days on the Great Mississippi to last a lifetime

From its headwaters in Minnesota to where it meets the Gulf of Mexico, the Mississippi River looms large in the history of the North American continent and in the American imagination. 

Spend a hundred days traveling by canoe and catamaran down the entire length of the river, developing a field research project, and participating in a completely unique, and fully immersive, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. This customized study away program focuses on the areas of environmental justice, sustainable agricultural, ecological restoration, and the food, music, and culture of the American heartland.

A full program of co-curricular opportunities, including meeting with local experts, partner agencies and organizations, and “river rats” covers a range of topics from Traditional Ecological Knowledge to American literature. 

Earn a full semester of credit while taking part in this environmentally friendly option where classroom experience and field study coalesce. Environmental justice and social change in the Mississippi watershed act as guiding themes, and your own experiences and interests will be uniquely enhanced and explored through your curricular choices and research interests.  Program features include:

  • An extended outdoor experience, including camping under the stars and bonding with classmates around the campfire in this non-traditional, immersive experience

  • Immersion in the cultures, cuisines and music of river cities such as St. Louis, Memphis, and New Orleans

  • A field research project helps to contextualize and guide your canoe journey alongside other scholar-adventurers

  • Local experts and lecturers will contribute along the journey, on topics from ancient civilizations, Native American  communities, urban justice and resilience, and climate change.

  • The proposed itinerary for 2023 is available here.

Fees & Scholarship Details
Term/Period Departure Date Return Credits Base Program Fee Application Deadline
Fall 2023 8/28/2023 12/15/2023 16 $29,521 3/1/2023 More Info

Program fees listed are base fees only. Please select MORE INFO for an estimate of additional expenses and any additional fees that may be incurred based on enrollment selections or housing placements. Dates and fees for future terms will be posted as they become available. Please see Program Calendar for detailed dates.

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As the River Semester is a non-traditional study away experience, an atypical housing arrangement characterizes a large portion of this program.