Student Apartments

In Rome, you will live with other Arcadia students in furnished apartments. Concentrated in the neighborhoods around Roma Tre, apartments are close to such sites as Piramide, the Circus Maximus, l’Aventino and Trastevere. Apartments typically house between four and six students in shared bedrooms.

Unlike dedicated student housing complexes, you will live in leased properties, alongside typical Italian families and you will experience everyday life as a Roman. Like your neighbors, you will do your shopping at nearby markets and stores and will be able to prepare your own meals in your apartment's kitchen. You can also eat at various cafes and restaurants in the neighborhood.

Properties are from varying eras of the Roman landscape, so no two apartments will be exactly alike. Bedding and towels are provided in all apartments and wireless internet access will be available. Some landlords may even provide additional amenities, including laundry facilities, dishwashers and televisions, but these items should not be expected.

Apartments are within a 10-20 minute walk from Roma Tre and the Arcadia Rome Center. You will also have access to Rome's extensive public transportation system which includes the metro, buses and commuter rail lines.

Please be sure to review the general Italy housing information.