As you board your plane in the U.S., leaving behind the comforts of home, family and friends for your new adventure in Italy, be confident that we’ve got you covered pre-departure through to arrival and beyond. About two weeks before you depart the US your program manager will send you arrival instructions, an Italy Travel Guide and a tentative orientation schedule.

This way for Arcadia Students!

You’ll easily spot the friendly Arcadia staff waiting for you in the airport arrivals hall. Transport will be waiting to take you to your orientation accommodation usually lasting three – four days.

  • This well-structured, comprehensive orientation known as Thresholds, delivered by our staff, covers all essential information you’ll need to find your feet in Italy and to adjust to living abroad. You’ll get to know your fellow students and us.
  • Sessions include: health & safety issues, local transport information, academic adjustment, budgeting, suggestions for meeting new friends, and an introduction to the regional diversity of culture and local traditions.
  • Social and cultural events include getting to know your host city through walking tours and special welcome meals.
  • Orientation is evaluated by students and every semester we review content and delivery with student input in mind.

If you’re like me, you never believe your advisors talking about personal growth during study abroad meetings. However, I have realized that even their ideas about change cannot compare to the exponential growth which one experiences while abroad. In only four months in Italy, I learned more about myself than I had in 20 years of life, and I honestly believe it should be a requirement for all American students to go abroad. ”

University of Michigan Ann Arbor Student