Shadow Medical Professionals in Italy

Do you want practical experience shadowing medical professionals? Do you want to spend a summer in Italy exploring a new community and developing your cross-cultural communication skills? Doctors in Italy might be the perfect fit for you. This program connects students in the medical and allied health pre-professional tracks with local health care facilities for in-person clinical shadowing. You can choose from a number of professional disciplines and decide on the program length that best meets your needs.

Students can apply for placements in five cities - Rome, Milan, Bologna, Genoa and Florence. Arcadia Abroad is the academic partner for Doctors in Italy, offering a credit-bearing course that puts your experiential learning into an academic context for your future career plans. Our course is offered remotely during the summer sessions for the 4-week programs in all locations where that is available. You’ll not only learn from your own experience and reflections, you’ll build a professional portfolio foundation and hear from expert guest lecturers about topics relevant to both your field and your host community. Italy has a vibrant history and culture, and each city can offer you the chance to experience its characteristic cultural traditions.

  • Shadow English-speaking medical professionals for 20 hours per week
  • Co-curricular offerings get you out and about to various historical and cultural landmarks
  • Participate in the credit-bearing course taught by Arcadia Abroad (3 US credits)
  • Review the syllabus for the Internship Seminar: Shadowing Doctors in Italy