The Start of the Semester: Classes, London, and the Aran Islands

Erin Bigus Trinity College Dublin, Ireland


October 9, 2017

I currently have an hour break between classes and figured what better time to write my next blog post? Week 3 of the semester is underway, and I’m finally getting into a sort of routine. I typically have three or four 50 minute classes a day, spread out from 9am-around 4pm. I typically spend most of my weekdays at Trinity’s campus, either in class or waiting for my next class to start, but it’s such a beautiful campus that I don’t mind. My schedule is a bit more hectic than many of the other visiting students' schedules at the moment, but two of my modules (what they call classes here) only last for the first 5 weeks of the semester, then my schedule will clear up lots. I enrolled in 3 genetics modules and 2 psychology modules and am enjoying all of them. They are all third year classes, and I’m lucky that they’re all complementing my studies from back home very well. Unlike my classes back home, 100% of my grade for each module here comes from a single paper or test at the end of the semester. I’m definitely nervous about that, but I know everything will work out.

Aside from spending time in the classroom, I’ve joined Trinity’s Swim Team as well as a couple other clubs and societies. The Swim Team in particular has been amazing and has given me the chance to meet people not only from Ireland but from all over the world. Additionally, I’ve spent a bit of time traveling lately. Two weekends ago I headed to London with a friend. I was amazed how easy and quick it was to get to London and found the city fascinating. Last weekend I went on one of the Arcadia organized excursions to the Aran Islands. Arcadia organized a day-trip to one of the islands, and I loved every minute of my time there. I rented a bicycle for the day and biked around the island- highlights include seeing a couple seals, befriending a donkey, and exploring an 8th century church. The scenery was stunning, and I now understand why so many people recommend exploring the west of Ireland. Next weekend I’m going on another Arcadia excursion, this time north to Belfast. But that’s not till Friday, and I need to buckle down and head to class now.