Finding LGBT+ Community While Abroad

Oli Vorster June 5, 2023

Coming into my semester with Arcadia in Dublin, I was a bit wary of identifying as a transgender, non-binary student. Living abroad is often nerve-wracking enough without being away from your usual support systems and in an unfamiliar environment. Having… More

Hiking in New Zealand

Skye Thomson June 3, 2023

When I came to New Zealand I knew I wanted to bring my love of hiking with me. The little I knew of the country beforehand promised gorgeous mountain views and breathtaking sights, all of which I knew I had to find. And throughout my time here I’ve done… More

Arriving in London and Finding Balance

Chloe McKinney June 3, 2023

If you would have told me last year that I would be spending my summer in London, I would have never believed you. And, if you told me I would have bonded with my peers as quickly and as well as I have, I would have been in utter shock. Yet, here I am… More

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