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NZ where women are rocking it big time!

Jane Gunn-Lewis July 30, 2020

June 26 2020 New Zealanders awoke to a collective shriek of glee, FIFA had voted and decided that the 2023 Women’s World Cup Football will be hosted jointly by New Zealand and Australia. A first time that two countries from different soccer regions are… More

Update to Spring 2020 Arcadia Programs

Jane Gunn-Lewis March 17, 2020

The Spring 2020 Arcadia programs in New Zealand have been suspended due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Students should look for emails from Arcadia for specific information and general updates can be found on Arcadia's Coronavirus updates blog and FAQs… More

Rock Climbing Leadership Class

Jane Gunn-Lewis January 27, 2020

For all you mad-about-rock-climbing people out there, University of Canterbury in New Zealand understands your passion so well that they have created credit bearing courses on Rock Climbing (see SPCO 226 Rock Climbing Contexts and Techniques). Elizabeth… More

Refugee Wins Fulbright Scholarship

Jane Gunn-Lewis June 19, 2019

Abbas Nazari, an asylum seeker rescued by the Norwegian ship, Tampa, in 2001 and taken in by New Zealand, has won a prestigious Fulbright scholarship to undertake postgraduate studies in the US. Abbas is a close friend of Arcadia in New Zealand and worked… More

Dietary Restrictions in New Zealand

Jane Gunn-Lewis February 10, 2017

How easy is it to be vegetarian, vegan, dairy free or gluten free in New Zealand? In a country of 30 million sheep, 10 million cows and only 4.5 million people, you would expect nothing but steak and lamb chops on the menu but a recent poll showed that… More

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