Stunning location for a prestigious institution with a wide range of courses

If you’re looking for the widest choice of courses in South Africa and an institution with weight and prestige then studying abroad at the University of Cape Town (UCT) is probably the best bet for you. On Arcadia’s program, you can also add courses and experiences that get you involved with local communities and service efforts.

Perched on the side of Table Mountain, UCT has stunning vistas from every angle and is a popular choice for study abroad. Of its population of more than 20,000, about 4,000 students are international, creating a dynamic energy on campus and in the more than 100 clubs and societies. The Arcadia Cape Town Center is located right on campus at UCT, in the Ivan Tom’s Building, which sits between the upper campus and the Medical School on campus at UCT.

All students on this program take part in Arcadia’s Course, Introducing South Africa: History, Politics and Culture, which provides a forum for reflection and analysis on current issues and challenges facing South Africans - an insightful starting point for all students. You then have a choice:

Be open to new experiences; say hello - it may lead to storytelling nights somewhere ... remember you're not in America anymore! ”

Trace Lucas

Spelman College Student, University of Cape Town

  • Take three courses at UCT enjoying a wide choice of subjects with outstanding faculty. The broad selection runs from humanities to science, engineering and commerce.

  • Or, starting in Spring 2019, you can take two courses at UCT and one at the Cornerstone Institute, an innovative, not-for-profit institution focused on teaching and learning in service of others, to advance human dignity and social justice for all. This is a great option for students who appreciate and benefit from a smaller school’s personal attention and intimate class sizes with lots of interaction with local students.

Fees & Scholarship Details
Term/Period Departure Date Return Credits Base Program Fee Application Deadline
Academic Year Southern Hemisphere 2017 3/1/2017 12/1/2017 30-34 $28,500 10/1/2016 More Info
Fall 2017 8/2/2017 12/1/2017 15-17 $16,350 4/20/2017 More Info
Academic Year 2017 8/2/2017 6/16/2018 30-34 $29,750 4/20/2017 More Info
Spring 2018 1/30/2018 6/16/2018 15-17 $16,500 10/1/2017 More Info
Academic Year Southern Hemisphere 2018 TBA TBA 30-34 $28,950 10/1/2017 More Info
Academic Year 2018 TBA TBA TBA TBA 4/1/2018  
Fall 2018 TBA TBA TBA TBA 4/1/2018  

Program fees listed are base fees only. Please select MORE INFO for an estimate of additional expenses and any additional fees that may be incurred based on enrollment selections or housing placements. Dates and fees for future terms will be posted as they become available. Please see Program Calendar for detailed dates.

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South Africa

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Cape Town

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Large City


As a participant on an Arcadia program, you are guaranteed housing. Our priority is to provide a safe, clean, cost-effective and convenient place for you to live, while offering you every opportunity to explore the local culture and community.


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Student health, safety and security in South Africa are our top priorities. Our experienced and well-connected staff are prepared to deal with any emergencies that may arise...

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