Arcadia provides housing to students on our Public Health program in Arcadia student flats OR guest houses located in the neighborhoods surrounding the University of Cape Town like Mowbray, Rondebosch and Observatory.

The neighborhoods where housing is located were chosen for their close proximity to the UCT main campus and their great student vibe — with shops and restaurants that cater to the 20,000 students who attend UCT. Arcadia/SHAWCO staff ensure that the housing is in safe neighborhoods and that the building themselves are secure. Of course, it is the responsibility of students living in a given house or apartment to make sure that doors are locked, windows secured, and access to strangers is restricted. In this way, everyone works together to ensure a safe living environment.

Each residence is located within walking distance of either the UCT campus or a Jammie shuttle stop. The Jammie shuttle is free to UCT students with their student ID and runs frequently between UCT’s campuses and the surrounding neighborhoods.

It is important to understand that beyond satisfying Arcadia University’s housing standards; amenities will vary in each house and from room to room. This is what is unique about living in Cape Town neighborhoods where local students and citizens also live.