On September 11th, 1997, the Scottish people voted to reopen their own Parliament in Edinburgh; the first meeting of the new Parliament took place in 1999. Housed in daringly designed headquarters right in the heart of Edinburgh's historic center, Scottish Parliamentary Program participants have a unique opportunity to see a people begin to determine their own political future.

  • Semester: 3 course for first 5 weeks followed by 10 weeks at the placement
  • Summer: 2 course for first 4 weeks followed by 5 weeks at the placement

Based at the University of Edinburgh, you'll participate in three courses for the first five weeks taught by accomplished instructors from the University of Edinburgh's School of Social and Political Science. Following the completion of coursework, you'll participate in a 10-week internship under the direction of a Member of Scottish Parliament (MSP). If you participate in summer term you'll take in two courses for the first four weeks followed by 5 weeks at the placement. You will not simply act as a file clerk or go fetch endless cups of tea. You will explore and write on significant policy questions such as: Female Representation in the Scottish Parliament, Controlling Firearms in Scotland, the Criminal Justice (Scotland) Act of 2003 and its Effects on the Criminal Courts or Suicide in Scotland: The Need for a Hotline–all topics pursued by former interns. Your assigned MSP will help you determine a research topic and supervise your implementation of this project. Additionally, you'll receive research support from the University's Academy of Governance.

You will be assigned to University housing in a self-catering student flat (semester students) or a dorm room with a meal plan (summer students). The flat contains single or shared rooms, and shared baths and kitchens. Access to the Internet is available in your accommodation as well as at the University's computing centers.

You'll find a vibrant campus life and numerous opportunities to mingle with Scottish students. The University's Edinburgh Students' Union plans an ongoing program of club nights, concerts and live performances and sponsors more than 170 clubs and associations. A comprehensive range of sports facilities are scattered in and around Edinburgh and you can join any one of 52 sports clubs or consider mixing it up in the weekly leagues of soccer, rugby, basketball, badminton or hockey.