Excursions & Activities

With Arcadia, you learn beyond the classroom: While listening to the music of street performers you try to identify the unfamiliar aroma of local cooking wafting from the street vendors, and wonder about the ancient customs you see being played out before you in a community that’s embraced you as a friend. You don’t just visit a landmark or tour the city – you engage with the culture of the place; its people, its environment and its traditions – and we’ll be there to facilitate that integration. What will you learn about other ways of life? About the importance of understanding difference in today’s globalized society? About yourself?

Our Center staff and faculty will help you to look beneath the surface of everyday life and begin to understand what it means to be Scottish. While we intentionally emphasize opportunities to engage with the culture through your course options, there’s also a world of learning beyond the classroom. We’ll open the doors; but it’s up to you to grasp the opportunity and enjoy a life-changing experience.

During orientation, you’ll start your journey of discovery and learn about this year’s themes and the practical help we provide including discounts and deals for cultural activities, travel and accommodation.


If you're studying abroad with us for a semester or full academic year, you'll have the chance to spend a few days following orientation living with a Scottish family to help you get to know the culture, people and way of life in this ancient yet modern country. You’ll become one of the family, not a merely a student and definitely not a tourist. Many homestay families host a number of students over a period of several years because they have found the experience to be so enjoyable. Some of our students maintain contact with their homestay families even after returning to the US.

If scheduling prohibits a homestay before classes begin, we will make sure to arrange this experience for you later in the semester. Our homestays are arranged by World Learning's British division, the Experiment in International Living (EIL), which houses visitors with families throughout Britain.

All Arcadia excursions are designed to be fun, interactive learning opportunities where you can visit places of exceptional interest in the country and enjoy experiences that help to illuminate your studies. You could also earn a Co-curricular Learning Certificate (CLC)