Documented Learning Beyond The Classroom

Arcadia’s Co-curricular Learning Certificate (CLC) motivates students to engage with their host community and take full advantage of their study abroad experience. It provides them with a formal incentive to enhance their not-for-credit development. This is our way of encouraging and recognizing the thoughtful participation, reflection and rich learning they’ve achieved through their involvement in the local culture and communities.

  • Students choose an area of focus – Students will choose and dedicate 15+ hours to an activity or series of activities that pushes them to engage meaningfully in the host culture. Some participate in a set activity such as volunteering or joining a club or a team. Others choose to organize themselves around a theme – attending 7 sporting events throughout the semester, spending 10 Saturday afternoons exploring local cuisine, or participating in 6 different social activities organized by a local university, as examples. Some students choose to take advantage of co-curricular excursions Arcadia puts on.
  • They document their learning – Students earn a CLC by submitting a reflective essay, video, blog, video diary or photo journal illustrating the learning and development they’ve achieved over 15+ hours of participation in their chosen activity. Each submission is reviewed by a member of the staff in country, who will work with the student to make it a strong finished product before passing it along to our Academic and Student Affairs staff for final approval.
  • They gain resume and career-ready experience – Receiving a CLC allows a student to highlight the out of class learning they’ve gained. More importantly, it helps them develop a narrative and articulate to potential employers the critical thinking and analytical skills developed while abroad. It encourages them to discuss their experience in terms of transferable skills, in a way that’s meaningful to employers.
  • They gain opportunities to get published – Arcadia selects the best submissions and shares them in our blogs, on our website or as published works in Hear Their Voices.

Study abroad is a transforming learning experience, both in and out of the classroom, and Arcadia University is dedicated to enabling students to achieve their highest goals in our programs around the world. The Co-Curricular Learning Certificate is a concrete example of how we will maximize and recognize these learning experiences.