Arcadia has a longstanding history in Scotland, with our first students studying abroad in Scotland in 1976 and a total of about 5,000 study abroad students over the years. Today we have three full-time staff, two part-time staff (one located in Glasgow) and associated faculty to support all students in both direct enrol programs across Scotland and center based programming. This experience and all Center activities are at your disposal, wherever you are studying in this enthralling country.

The Arcadia Edinburgh Center drives all our programing and support for students in Scotland. We offer 15 different programs covering semester, academic year and summer terms and including interesting internship options and Arcadia’s own courses which are taught at the center.

  • Every Arcadia program in Scotland offers opportunities for reflection through the academic experience in the classroom, excursions, field study and research and co-curricular learning activities.
  • Whether you are near to Edinburgh or further afield - our center facilities and staff are key resources at your disposal. This includes helping you communicate with your institution on academic, administrative or practical matters - our long-standing partner relationships will enhance the experience you have here.