Andrea S. University College London, England


February 17, 2016

Would that my heart was not set on 70 degrees and sunshine! It seems ever more likely that I’d opt to stay in London indefinitely. For I am sure my work in this city will be far from over come June. International, historical, active city, London, you offer more languages to learn, architectural styles to admire, and free museums to visit than one woman can in six months.

Another astounding thing: humans and our crazy capacity to fall into a routine no matter where we are. I’m a student with papers to write, groceries to buy, exercise to get, showers to take, exorbitantly expensive laundry to do, an Oyster card to top up. Yes, incredibly, as expected, I have become accustomed to living here. I do roughly the same thing each day, and I enjoy it. There’s something to be said for living free from the drama of snow and ice.

That being said, I do make exceptions to the daily schedule. For one of the great things about London is its easy access to places non-London. At the end of January, I took a trip to Edinburgh, Scotland with one of my flat mates, and though I could probably write a series of children’s novels about the magic of that place, I’ll limit myself here to compelling any and all of you who read this to please go and visit. I also ventured to the coast of Wales with Arcadia last weekend, where I became addicted to surfing after spending two hours in the freezing ocean being thrown off a heavy board.

In short, everything in London is going swimmingly. I feel like I fit in here; indeed it seems that anyone could fit in here, once they learn to stand on the right and walk on the left side of the escalator. Now, all I need to learn is how to turn in my archaeology paper.


England Semester