My Weekend in Interlaken, Switzerland!

Maddie Weaver Nolting Queen Mary, University of London, England


February 13, 2018

This past weekend I was able to go on my first trip outside of England. I took the tube, the National Rail Service, a plane to Geneva, and then took a bus to get to Interlaken, Switzerland at about 4 AM. I have been asked several times why I decided to go there, and it’s because it’s beautiful and we found a great program for study abroad students.

Interlaken exceeded my expectations. Interlaken means in-between two lakes and it’s the most gorgeous two lakes; they are the color of a very light blue shade that doesn’t look real. The quiet, resort-like town is in a valley surrounded by the most beautiful mountains I have ever seen, and I am from Vermont! They were snow covered and looked like they are out of a story-book. The small town of Interlaken has lots of hostels and expensive shops (lots of watch ones) and restaurants.

On Friday, we dedicated the day to walking twenty minutes to the lake to take pictures because it was such a sunny day. Then, we went to the Funky Chocolate Shop for their world-famous hot chocolate. It was the most delicious hot chocolate I have ever had and none will ever probably compare! For dinner, we went to a restaurant and got cheese fondue. It was every cheese lover’s dream! It was amazing and so filling.

Saturday was an interesting day. I was scheduled to paraglide, but because of the fog and snow I had to reschedule it. So Saturday was spent wandering more around Interlaken and seeing all of the shops and cute houses. That night we went on a pub crawl, which was so much fun. Who knew there was so many pubs in a small Swiss town!

Sunday bright and early after checking out of my quaint hostel, I went paragliding. Anyone who knows me well knows that I first of all hate heights and second of all do not take risks like this. But to my surprise, I wasn’t even nervous. Maybe I was too tired, or maybe I’ve just gotten braver, but regardless of the reasoning, I did it! They picked me up at my hostel, drove me to their building where we put on sweatpants and boots, then they drove us up a mountain for fifteen minutes. Just the drive up the mountain was worth it. It was lightly snowing and you could see all of Interlaken.

There are no words to describe how beautiful it was. I was speechless as my instructor strapped me to him and before I knew it, we were running down the side of a hill and my feet were no longer touching the ground. We soared through the air and I wasn’t even scared, even though I was so high up in the air. My instructor had a selfie stick and took several pictures and videos throughout it to capture the incredible moments. Before I left I bought a few cute post cards and classic Swiss chocolate so that I have souvenirs to always remember this great weekend there!


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