Guns, Coins and Classes

Mitch Peiffer January 19, 2017

As it happens, the stereotype that Americans are the most gun-happy people in the world is false. In fact, the people at the University of Aberdeen Rifle Club were surprised to hear that American Universities generally don’t allow any kind of guns or… More

Living in Edinburgh: Past and Present

Arcadia Summer July 3, 2016

By Jonny S., Museum Studies Internship Program, Scotland Last Saturday, friends and I went out for a picnic in a park near our apartments, which was actually really nice. We just sat around and relaxed. That is, until it rained of course. Later that… More

Denison vs. Edinburgh

Sarah M. April 4, 2016

Hello, all! It’s been another great week in Edinburgh. Friends visited, I finally checked out the rather touristy “Scotch Whisky Experience”, but possibly most exciting, classes are over! Yes, classes here end in March, and now all I have left is two… More

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