Molly Blotnick


Queen Mary, University of London, England


My name is Molly Blotnick, and I'm a Junior at Whittier College, CA. I will be studying at Queen Mary, University of London during the Spring Semester of 2018.

How I Planned a Trip to Nice in Two Hours!

Molly Blotnick January 15, 2018

First of all, I would like to say that this wasn’t easy! It wasn’t just typing in Nice, France from London in google flights. I’m traveling with two other girls who had completely different schedules which we took into account when booking our flights… More

How Not to Get Overwhelmed!

Molly Blotnick January 9, 2018

Studying abroad is a great opportunity that allows thousands of students to broaden their education, as well step outside the classroom into a new culture. We’ve all applied and many have gotten in, waiting to hear, or considered a new destination for… More