Lauren Herbine


Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand


Hi! I am a soccer-loving, adventure-seeking Junior at the College of William & Mary studying Geology and Marine Science. If I’m not geeking out over rocks, you can find me hiking, hammocking, or playing with dogs. Follow along as I explore the culture and landscapes of New Zealand!

20 Days, 150 Miles Walked, 1,224 Miles Traveled

Lauren Herbine March 17, 2017

As I finally sit down to write this, I have to minimize tabs upon tabs of campsites, camper vans, and tramping tracks. I don’t think I’ve sat still since arriving in New Zealand, and I have yet to experience a full weekend in Wellington, my new home.… More

Why I'm Going to New Zealand

Lauren Herbine February 6, 2017

When people ask where I'm studying abroad next semester, their first reaction is usually "Wow! I hear it's gorgeous there, you're going to have a great time!" And yes, natural beauty was a large factor when I was shopping around. It's their follow up… More