Javier Agredo


Arcadia in Athens, Greece


Hi everyone! My name is Javier, and I'm currently a junior at Cornell University studying linguistics and classics (with a particular interest in ancient languages). I'm stoked to be spending the first few months of 2018 in one of the most important cities of the ancient (and modern) Mediterranean world and exploring the beautiful landscapes and the sights, sounds, and smells that Greece has to offer. You'll probably see me talking and introspecting about language, culture shock, and food, as well as a little bit about the ancient world and how it's connected to the modern one. If you care to join me in my ramblings, come explore the exciting, bustling, gritty city of Athens with me! As they say in Greece, geia sou (to your health)!

A Word On FOMO and Being Sick While Abroad

Javier Agredo February 5, 2018

As my first week in Greece draws to a close and once-in-a-lifetime orientation activities transition into classes as usual, I’m left with a range of emotions and sentiments and, unfortunately, a slight cold which has forced upon me the executive decision… More

My Big Fat Greek Suitcase

Javier Agredo January 26, 2018

It’s like just yesterday I was roughing it up through a challenging semester, filling out my visa application, and just beginning to look at suitable flights that didn’t take me through three cities and twenty hours worth of layovers. Fast-forward to… More