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What I See, Take A Look!

This is a video I made of the few of the many memories compiled here in Australia. I really can’t believe it has already… More

Ashley Dahl Bond University, Australia


Ashley Dahl


Bond University, Australia


Hey everyone! My name is Ashley and I am about to graduate from Wartburg College majoring in Business Marketing. I have lived in Iowa all my life, that is where I am attending college. For those of you who don’t know where Iowa is, it is one of the fly over states when you’re going to California or Las Vegas! Basically I grew up in the corn state which is west of Chicago. You all know where that is, right?! I have always loved traveling the world but have never really got the chance to dive in anywhere and have never been to Australia. As I take a leap out of my Iowa bubble, I am so excited to share with you through videos and photos the new places I SEE, the new food I EAT, and just how much I GROW from this experience at the bottom of the Earth!

What I See, Take A Look!

Ashley Dahl February 15, 2018

This is a video I made of the few of the many memories compiled here in Australia. I really can’t believe it has already flown by this fast (we are at midterms). The video includes a few clips from exploring Noosa last weekend. Noosa is a national park… More

The Day I Jumped Out of My Comfort Zone (Literally)

Ashley Dahl February 1, 2018

Looking back to my 15-hour plane ride to the bottom of the Earth, I remember thinking as I looked out the plane’s tiny little window at a beautiful mountainous view, that in just a few hours I would meet new people. However, I never knew just how amazing… More

Saving Energy in Australia

Ashley Dahl January 15, 2018

The very first thing I noticed when coming to Australia was the very large emphasis on sustainability. For example, once I arrived in Melbourne for orientation, I immediately looked for an outlet to plug in my very dead phone. I knew that I needed a converter… More

The Beginning

Ashley Dahl January 4, 2018

With my bundle of suitcases and backpack I begin my journey to the bottom of the Earth. I have mixed emotions ranging from excitement to nervousness and everything in between. My travel time from what I know as home to my new home is over 24 hours with… More