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Spring Breakers

When most people think of college spring break, they envision hot places—bikinis, Mexico beaches, a girls-gone-wild situation… More

Becca D. Arcadia in Rome, Italy

My Mid-Semester Break

Alexina E. May 2, 2016

I just came back from my mid-semester break traveling the North and South Islands of New Zealand. Ten days of traveling and non-stop adventure. So much has happened I don’t know where to begin! We began our break by flying into Dunedin. For the most… More

Finals and Papers and Exams, Oh My!

Ashley K. April 29, 2016

It’s so hard to believe that my time in London is nearly over. All of my finals are just around the corner and they mark the official end of my academic experience abroad. All of my work has piled up after a quiet break in which I travelled to Madrid… More

State of Mind Part 2

Alexis S. April 29, 2016

I’ve become very tired. It’s seems as though the world is falling apart. And I’d be lying if I said that it isn’t affecting me and my experience. But this effect isn’t all bad. I’m pretty miserable when I hear and talk about the tragedies becoming Europe… More

Dragons, Appreciation, and My Forever Home

Maddie O. April 29, 2016

On the 23rd of April, I took a little break from the many hours of revising final projects and essays to celebrate Saint George’s Day! If you aren’t too sure what that is, it is a day that commemorates England's patron saint, Saint George. Because Saint… More

Spring Break- Part 2

Olivia M. April 26, 2016

From Copenhagen, Sarah and I traveled to Vienna. We stayed near the Nashmarkt, which stands for Snack Market. It was a very convenient location, and a great place to find food. On the first day in Vienna, we took a walking tour, which is something I recommend… More

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