Catherine Volkov November 3, 2017

I just want a coffee! This world of Italian-inspired espresso coffee culture can baffle even the most brazen caffeine fiend. A Latte seems fairly self-explanatory, for its direct translation to ‘milk’. But what makes a Flat White flat? And how short… More

Learning to Surf

Catherine Volkov October 20, 2017

Surfboard at my hip, snug in my wetsuit,  I’m so cool, looking like a bonafide surfer as I stop to attach my leg rope to my ankle.  I enter the water, and immediately am whacked in the face by an oncoming wave.  My hair is everywhere, I snort out salty… More

UNSW Friendships and Scholarships

Marion Finlay October 13, 2017

I wanted to share with you all a beautiful story about friendship (and scholarships). At the start of each semester in Australia we have students from all over the United states of America and the world meet for the first time at our Arcadia Orientation… More

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