You may enroll in 1, 2 or 3 consecutive session options below. For each session in which you enroll, you will take one 4-credit course at the LSE lasting three weeks.

  • Please review your courses with your academic or study abroad advisor to ensure they will transfer back to your home school and that you are following your home school’s policies.
  • Please be flexible – we can’t guarantee specific courses. If your participation in the program depends on a particular course, be sure to make a note on your online preferences form.

Session Guidelines

LSE Summer School is comprised of 3 sessions:

  • Session 1: mid-June to early July
  • Session 2: early July to late July
  • Session 3: late July to mid-August

You may enroll in a single session, two consecutive sessions (i.e. Sessions 1 and 2 or Sessions 2 and 3), or all 3 sessions.

Choosing Your Courses

When completing your Academic Preferences Form, visit the LSE Summer School Courses page for the Course Listing. For each session in which you plan to enroll, please submit 1 planned course choice and 2 alternates, in order of preference.

Please take note of the course levels for the courses you select:

  • 100-level courses are introductory and require no background
  • 200-level courses are intermediate and require an introductory-level background
  • 300-level courses are high-level and require an intermediate-level background

Grade Scale

The following scale is vetted and provided by the LSE Summer School. This scale provides Average Exam and Class grades using the topmost number in each percentage range.

Grade Range U.S. Equivalent
97 - 100% A+
93-96% A
90 - 92% A-
87-89% B+
83-86% B
80-82% B-
77-79% C+
73-76% C
70-72% C-
67-69% D+
65-66% D
0-64% F
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