Experience the exceptional natural worlds of Australia and New Zealand

program Not offered for summer 2019.

This popular summer field studies program brings you backpacking through several weeks in Australia and in New Zealand. You'll gain an understanding of Australia's and New Zealand's unique wilderness environments and their significance to indigenous and contemporary societies, focusing on the environment, environmental ethics, culture and sustainability in fascinating locations.

Suited for all majors, this program will challenge you physically, as you hike and camp in the stunning landscapes of both countries. Your viewpoints and opinions will also be challenged as you engage with the influence of the wilderness on human behavior and its significance to the indigenous and contemporary societies in Australia and New Zealand. 

We were enlightened to both a sense of self and place from which resounded a connection to and deep appreciation of environment. ”

Laura Kowalski

Chatham University Student, Environmental Studies: Ethics, Culture, and Sustainability

  • Discussion topics include: the relationship between humans and nature; psycho-evolutionary theory; conservation, sustainability and climate change; and leadership and personal development through wilderness experience.

  • Through field study, lectures, daily journaling, students will explore some of the most important and treasured natural areas in Australia and New Zealand, including the Great Barrier Reef, the Wet Tropics, the Australian Outback and the Volcanic and Geothermal areas of New Zealand.

  • This experience will challenge you to consider your perceptions of nature and how you interact with it while you enjoy exploring with other US students.

  • Please note that this program can be physically challenging.

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