Making Spanish Omelettes

Barcelona Center June 23, 2020

As part of our Barcelona Center's virtual events, our staff led a virtual cooking class. During this cooking lesson students learned how to make a Spanish omelette.   More

The London Music Scene: From Busking to Abbey Road

London Center June 19, 2020

This week we had the unique opportunity to hear from Olly Corpe, lead vocalist and songwriter for the band The King's Parade. Olly took the time to share the history of how his band has gotten where they are today and to perform a few songs including… More

The Tarasca & Feast of Corpus Christi

Granada Center June 8, 2020

Some days ago we talked about curious festivities in Spain. Today, we will show you a new festivity which originated in the Middle Ages and is still part of our culture. A dragon? A mannequin?  It is widely recognized that Spain is a country with unique… More

Virtual Europe: Orientation

London Center June 1, 2020

How quickly things can change! Back in February, the Spring semester was in full swing, and we were looking ahead to the summer, excited about our events program and being able to welcome a new cohort of students to our wonderful country. Less than 4… More

Visit England Virtually!

London Center May 29, 2020

London, a city usually busy and buzzing even on the days with heavy downpour or freezing temps, has come to a standstill. The Coronavirus pandemic has put the world on pause and has left a lot of us feeling trapped in our homes and towns. But just because… More

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