Sílvia Serra


Associate Director of Arcadia in Barcelona

Cheese tasting in SOCG210 Gastronomy course

Sílvia Serra March 15, 2019

Spain is well known for its vast variety of cheeses from fresh to cured, fermented to blue-veined, from cow’s, sheep’s or goat’s milk or a mixture of all three. A paradise for cheese lovers with 13 cheeses with Denominations of Origin in Spain! Cheese… More

Photography Class in Sabadell

Sílvia Serra February 9, 2019

The Photography class students went last weekend to Sabadell, one of the largest suburban towns in Barcelona. A city of over 200,000 inhabitants, Sabadell was known in the past as the “Catalan Manchester” due to the proliferation of textile factories… More

Festes de Santa Eulalia!

Sílvia Serra February 4, 2019

From February 9 to 12, the streets of Barcelona get filled with festive traditions to celebrate the Feast of Santa Eulàlia, the co-patroness of the city. It is a great opportunity to discover the most popular Catalan traditional culture learnt in class… More

Gastronomy Embedded Excursion

Sílvia Serra January 28, 2019

The field trip arranged for the course Gastronomy and Culture in Spain this semester consisted of a visit to the first wine museum in Spain: VINSEUM Museum, which first opened in 1945. This was followed by a visit to nearby Adernats winery, where our… More

Ball de Bastons Workshop

Sílvia Serra January 8, 2019

 This week, as part of the Cornerstone courses, students participated in a guided visit to Casa dels Entremesos. This is a specific center of production and dissemination of the wealth of traditional Catalan folk culture that provides the public with… More

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