LGBTQ Pride Month

Equity & Inclusion June 17, 2020

Drew Villierme-Lightfoot is a Program Manager for England, Wales, and Chile. He shares some of the history of Pride Month and also some of the LGBTQ events that our students have participated in. June is LGBTQ Pride Month across the globe. Typically… More

Navigating Your LGBTQ+ Identity Abroad

Equity & Inclusion February 19, 2020

Drew Villierme-Lightfoot is a Program Manager for England, Wales, and Chile. He shares his experience navigating his identity while working overseas. I was 22 years old, had just graduated from college, and had just broken up with my first long-term… More

How Studying Abroad Helped Me Form My Identity

Equity & Inclusion November 11, 2019

Many students study abroad to connect with their heritage language and culture. For this month’s Staff Voices post, Michelle Isel-Margolis, Assistant Director of Student Services, shares how study abroad brought her closer to her cultural heritage. I… More

Diversity Abroad Meetup in Philadelphia

Equity & Inclusion September 4, 2019

By Drew Villierme-Lightfoot, Program Manager for ENGLAND & WALES On August 22nd, Diversity Abroad held a regional meetup in Philadelphia, a networking event with a short round-table discussion. Arcadia's College of Global Studies was very well represented… More

Financing Your Study Abroad

Equity & Inclusion August 16, 2019

Darius Carey currently works as an Institutional Relations Manager at the College of Global Studies. He studied abroad in 2014 at the University of Ghana in West Africa. To support his efforts, Darius was awarded the Benjamin A. Gilman Scholarship, The… More

Mental Health and Leaving Your Comfort Zone

Equity & Inclusion July 16, 2019

In the second blog for our Staff Voices series, Polly Penter, Associate Director of Student Services, London, shares her experience with mental health and shares a few tips for students joining us on Arcadia programs. I’ve lived with anxiety and depression… More

First Time Abroad Wisdom

Equity & Inclusion June 28, 2019

Many folks come to work with Arcadia because they had impactful, meaningful experiences studying, living, or working overseas which they would like to share with students. These international experiences shaped their careers and lives far beyond college… More