September 4, 2019
By Drew Villierme-Lightfoot, Program Manager for ENGLAND & WALES

On August 22nd, Diversity Abroad held a regional meetup in Philadelphia, a networking event with a short round-table discussion. Arcadia's College of Global Studies was very well represented at the event with six staff members taking the opportunity to represent The College and join the discussion with other local study abroad staff.

This was a great opportunity for our colleagues to connect with staff from CIS Abroad, CRCC Asia, The Green Program, and the University of Delaware, to name a few. This kind of participation demonstrates a continued motivation to understand and implement inclusive and equitable processes across The College in roles as varied as leadership, academics, marketing, institutional relations, program management, and finance.

We look forward to more opportunities to grow with organizations like Diversity Abroad and continue to move towards more diverse, inclusive, and equitable opportunities for study abroad. We're excited to continue the conversation and to work towards tangible progress.